Concrete, Grout and Mortar Testing

Concrete testing is essential to evaluate the performance of materials, control concrete quality during construction, test the quality after construction and ensure regulatory compliance.

Bass Coast Laboratory concrete testing services undertaken in our NATA industry accredited laboratories include:

  • Sampling
  • Slump Testing
  • Cylinder Casting and Curing
  • Compressive and Flexural Strength


Yes, the facility has accreditation to undertaken testing services for the public.

No, but I know of other labs than can.

Yes, we do to be NATA accredited.

Yes, we can issue an interim 7 day concrete report, you just need to let us know your requirements prior to testing.

Yes, if a NATA report is requested for the facility's scope.

See our NATA accreditation here

Yes, we accredited with ISO 17025.